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Personalize fitness and wellness coaching midlife and senior fitness specialist




Fit Over 50 Program: Your customized fitness program, regardless of your current fitness level. Feel better, move with ease, and achieve your goals.

Midlife Fitness: Redefine midlife as a new beginning. Enhance your strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance to make this stage your best one.


Senior Fitness:  My specialty is ensuring that our senior clients enjoy a life of independence, vitality, and well-being. We focus on strength, resistance, flexibility, balance, and endurance.

In-Home and Virtual Training: Choose between in-home sessions for one-on-one training in the comfort of your own space or virtual sessions via Zoom for flexibility.


Total Body Workout Classes: Join my Total Body Workout Zoom classes, suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Stay tuned for live classes in Beacon Hill and Back Bay.


It's not just about exercises: It's about empowering you to feel your best, regardless of your age or fitness level. Together, we make midlife and senior fitness your adventure.

Midlife and Senior fitness specalist in home personal training

What you will get:

Customized, not complicated, tailored workouts for you: When you work with me, you get a fitness program that's designed just for you. Because I have worked with 100s of people in their midlife and senior years, I understand the unique challenges and goals so your workouts will be specifically crafted to suit your needs and goals - which CHANGE!  We adapt together.


Safety First: I know firsthand how easy it is to hurt yourself when you don’t practice proper form: I prioritize your safety. I ensure that the exercises we do are appropriate for your age and focus on preventing injuries, so you can work out confidently.


Age-Related Expertise: At 53, and having worked with midlifers and seniors my entire fitness career,  I have a deep understanding of how the body changes with age. That means I can effectively address concerns like muscle loss, bone density, and flexibility as we work together.


Health Management: I'm well-equipped to create a fitness program that aligns with your health conditions and any medications you might be taking. Your workouts will be safe and suitable, even if you have chronic illnesses or medications to consider.


Balance and Stability: If you're worried about balance issues, I've got you covered. I've created custom balance workouts and even had the opportunity to speak live with some of Boston's most respected balance specialists providing exercises that improve your balance and reduce the risk of falls.


Joint Health: This one is a BIG one for me, I know how important it is to maintain joint health. That's why I create workouts that promote joint mobility while ensuring we don't put undue stress on your joints.


Social Engagement: I understand the importance of community and social interaction. My group fitness classes foster a sense of togetherness, making your workouts more enjoyable and encouraging you to stay consistent.


Nutrition Guidance: Although I am not a certified dietician, I partner with many and I CAN offer you dietary advice in my scope of practice that's tailored to your unique needs, we review your health history and can do check-ins if that's what you need.


Mental Well-Being: I recognize the mental health benefits of exercise. I incorporate practices that reduce stress, enhance cognitive function, and boost your mood.


Accountability:  Honestly, this is WHY I”m here! Many people CAN exercise on their own, but just DON’T - I’m guilty of that myself!!  I'm here to provide you with the accountability and motivation you need to stick to your fitness routine and achieve your goals.


Education: I'm not just about workouts; I'm also focused on educating you about the aging process. This knowledge empowers you to make informed decisions about your health and fitness.


Fun Workouts: I believe in making workouts enjoyable. You should look forward to our exercise sessions, and I'm here to ensure they're engaging and fun.  If you HATE burpees, there will be NO BURPEES - why do something you hate when there are so many other options out there for the same muscle groups! 


Adaptability: I understand that everyone is different, especially on any given day! Whether you are feeling tired, had an injury, or recovering from illness. I'm skilled at adapting our workouts to accommodate your unique fitness level and personal objectives.  HONESTSLY this happens MUCH more than you think - and I am very quick to pivot!


Injury Prevention and Recovery: I offer strategies for preventing injuries and, if necessary, guide you through safe and effective recovery exercises.  I also partner with MANY physical therapists - I’ve even gone to some of my client's appointments with them.  I certainly compliment your PT sessions by giving you a total body program while the PT works on the injury.


Holistic Wellness: My approach goes beyond physical fitness. I'm dedicated to improving your overall quality of life, which includes sleep, nutrition, and stress management.  It’s all in ONE! 


Long-Term Health: Together, we'll work towards a higher quality of life, maintaining your independence and enjoying a healthy and active lifestyle well into your senior years.  I’ve had clients transition from midlifers to seniors - I feel it gives me a unique perspective of how our bodies age and change and what we need to do to maintain it!


Individual Attention: You can count on my one-on-one attention and personalized support. I believe in providing you with the care and guidance you deserve, which may be missing in larger, more generalized fitness settings.


Working with me: You'll experience a comprehensive and tailored approach to fitness that addresses your specific needs and goals as you enter midlife and your senior years.

Are you ready to embark on a fitness journey designed just for you? Look no further, because I'm here to offer you personalized, effective, and versatile personal training solutions.


I'm dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals, and I believe that the journey can be as enjoyable as the destination.


Virtual, In-Home, or On-Site: Your Choice

Customized Virtual training


Preserve and Build Strength:

Maintaining a strong, stable body and supporting your joints are essential. With my guidance, you can work on preserving and building muscle strength to feel better, look better, stay strong, and do the things you want to do!

Stay Agile and Flexible: 

Stay Agile and Flexible: Imagine being able to move with ease, free from stiffness or discomfort. I can help you enhance your mobility, making daily activities a breeze.

Boost Heart and Lung Health:

I understand the importance of a healthy heart and lungs. I’ll help you to improve your cardiovascular endurance and stamina, reducing the risk of heart-related issues.  Typically I have my clients do longer forms of walking or endurance training on their own so we can focus on everything else!  But if you need help with machines or like to do the endurance together, we can certainly do that too!

Strengthen Your Bones:

Osteoporosis is a concern, but it doesn't have to be inevitable. Our workouts, designed for your age group, focus on building bone density to lower the risk of fractures.

Maintain a Healthy Weight:

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is a key factor in preventing chronic health conditions. We'll help you achieve and sustain your weight goals for a healthier life.

Prevent Falls:

Balance and stability exercises are a crucial part of our program. We'll work on enhancing your balance, making daily activities safer and more enjoyable.

Manage Chronic Conditions:

If you have chronic health conditions, exercise can be a game-changer. Our programs are designed to help you manage symptoms effectively and improve your overall health.

Reduce Stress and Boost Mental Well-Being:

Fitness is not just about the body; it's about the mind. We'll help you reduce stress levels, maintain a positive mood, and keep your mental clarity intact.

Stay Socially Engaged:

Our group fitness classes offer more than just exercise; they provide a supportive social environment where you can make connections and enjoy the social side of fitness.

Enhance Your Overall Well-Being:

Ultimately, our goal is to help you feel better in every aspect of your life. Imagine having more energy, better sleep, and an overall higher quality of life.

I’m here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring your success as you embrace a healthier and more active lifestyle in your 50s and beyond.


It's time to experience a fitness journey that's all about you. Together, we'll set and achieve your fitness goals, surpassing your own expectations. No matter where you choose to train, I'll bring the same passion, knowledge, and support to help you succeed.


Ready to make a positive change in your life through personal training that truly stands out? Contact me today, and let's embark on this exciting journey to a healthier, happier you.

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