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Cindy Sullivan Fitness, Midlife and Senior Fitness Specalist

“She has transformed my life”

“My daughter found Cindy as a holiday gift and she has transformed my life. She tailors every workout exactly to my needs and level and makes it fun. In short order, I have gained strength, flexibility, and energy. Cindy is a great personal trainer, knowledgeable, and caring, and has the right balance between motivating and not overdoing it. I thoroughly enjoy my time with Cindy and highly recommend her personal training sessions and online classes!”

Suzanne I, 56 Back Bay

"Enthusiastic Progressive Program"

"Cindy's sessions and virtual training offer an enthusiastic program with important reminders such as form, stance, and breathing.  The Active Agers Program brought a new level of professionalism and excitement to Nantucket.  Thank you for a Special Day!  An excellent program."

GHC, Nantucket and Boston

"So Glad to Have Her in my LIfe"

"It is a delight to be taught by Cindy.  She inspires and is very aware of her client's ability to perform to the best of their abilities.  I'm so glad to have her in my life. She is the best Personal Trainer who understands what senior fitness really means."

Joan Gladstone, West End

"Addresses my Personal Fitness Needs"

"Cindy addresses my personal in-home fitness needs extremely well.  She is upbeat and motivational.  I
work out with her in group classes and as my private personal trainer in Beacon Hill.  I always look
forward to working out with her."

Susan H.  Beacon Hill

“Played my best golf after our workout”

"Cindy’s classes have been such a bright spot for me during these times.  From her stretch class to the fitness classes, they are all so worthwhile. Played my best golf after stretching class these past two weeks!  I love how she makes sure all can modify to their ability and how she varies the exercises from time to time.   I try not to miss a session."

Atheline Nixon, Boston

"We Highly Recommend Her"

"Cindy Sullivan is a lovely young woman and a terrific exercise trainer.  Both my husband and I work with Cindy.  We each have a complicated and different chronic disease and she has been able to successfully work with each of us.  She is able to alter our workouts depending on what issues are bothering us that day without losing sight of long term goals. She is flexible and not rigid!  All in all, we highly recommend her."

Jane Burke, Back Bay  

"Inspires Achievement of Fitness Goals"

"I'd never had a personal trainer until I met Cindy Sullivan through Beacon Hill Village.  The Village serves an aging population and I fit the profile, being in my early 80's.It's been great to work with Cindy.  I think she empathizes with the aging body and inspires the achievement of one's fitness goals.  She's very personable, too!"

Jane M, Beacon Hill    

"Seasoned Fitness Instructor"

"Cindy Sullivan is a seasoned fitness instructor who has crafted a program designed to allow you to create your own personal workout each time you exercise.  Modifications are provided throughout, making this class accessible to everybody, regardless of experience or fitness level.  Her positive approach makes exercise fun!"

MaryJane Mitchell, South End

"Knowledge, Expertise and Unflagging Enthusiasm"

"Over the past 2 years, I've had the benefit of Cindy Sullivan's excellent exercise training classes 3-4 times each week in which she has demonstrated knowledge and expertise in the muscular workings of the body as well as a wonderful sense of humor and unflagging enthusiasm.  All my fellow participants in the various classes I've attended uniformly agree that Cindy is a gifted instructor.  I'm confident others would equally benefit and recommend her to everyone."

Elizabeth Murray, Boston

Virtual Personal training

"Great Workout"

"I love Cindy's exercise class which I attend every Tuesday in Boston.  I was so impressed with her that I hired her as a personal trainer.  Her exercises are varied which makes them fun.  By the end of her class, I feel like I've gotten a great workout.  Besides being a great instructor, Cindy is personable, warm, and engaging...a truly wonderful person."

Liz G., Back Bay  

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